Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine

Price: $425.00

Price includes 7000 watt Honda Whisper generator. Single serve (one flavor). Our ice cream machines require 208 or 220 volt service, and are wired with a 20 amp plug (different than a standard 110v plug end). It’s shown here with the black plug. If you have a 20 amp outlet for this plug at your home or business, that’s all you need, and you’re all set. If not, we will provide an extension cord with an adapter that will plug into the ice cream machine and has a 30 amp twist-fitting which will plug into our 7000 watt Honda generator to provide sufficient power for the ice cream machine. In this case, you will also need to rent our generator unless you have one with the 30amp, 4-prong twist- fitting shown. 42” – 61” Adjustable Height 17” Wide 32” Depth

Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Rental

Rent Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine